Our Services

HVAC Maintenance, Appliance Repairs, and Installations

Staats Service Today provides a host of services to keep your heating and air-conditioning systems and household appliances operating at peak levels. We also offer regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure the continued performance and longevity of your equipment. Contact us at (309) 694-9177 for professional maintenance services and repairs for your heating, cooling, and many other household appliances.

Sales, Installations, & Repairs

Heating & Air-Conditioning Sales & Service

Staats Service Today offers HVAC sales, maintenance, repairs, and installation services. We work with major manufacturers of heating and air-conditioning systems such as Rheem™, although our team is happy to offer services and repairs for most major brand name HVAC systems. Don’t put off fixing your unit until peak season. Call us right away at (309) 694-9177 for air-conditioning and heating repairs.

Appliance Repairs & Installation

Our team is trained and certified to repair most major brands of home appliances. We also specialize in the installation of humidifiers, air purifiers, thermostats, and furnaces.

Vent Cleaning Services

Has your dryer stopped working properly? Before you spend money on a brand new dryer, contact Staats Service Today for vent cleaning services. We remove your dryer’s vent to clean out all the built-up lint with a special brush designed specifically for this purpose. Frequent lint removal and dryer vent cleaning eliminates the chances of overheating, reduces fire hazards, and increases the lifespan of your dryer.