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For over 60 years, STAATS Service Today has built a reputation as the go-to furnace repair company. Whether it’s the dead of winter and your furnace won’t heat or it’s time for a system checkup, our technicians will get your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Components of a Warm Air Furnace

Heat production begins when the thermostat is set to heat to a specific temperature. Upon activation, the system’s igniter turns on to combust fuel inside the burner component. As the fuel burns, air is warmed inside the heat exchanger, located above the burner. Once warm, the blower kicks on to circulate air through the duct system. Warm air exits through supply ducts, while the blower sucks cool air back in via return ducts. This cool air enters the plenum to cycle back through the system. Exhaust gases are released outside through flue vents. Every system component must be functioning properly to keep the system running efficiently.

Common Furnace Issues

Modern furnaces may last up to two decades, but failing to properly care for your unit can lead to premature aging. Not changing dirty air filters is one of the most common furnace mistakes and the root cause for many problems faced by our customers. Clogged filters block airflow through the system, making it work extra hard. This is often why furnaces don’t heat adequately. Dirty filters and airflow issues can also cause the furnace to constantly cycle on and off.

Furnaces that don’t heat at all, however, may be experiencing other issues, including thermostat or igniter problems. Most of these common issues can be avoided with regular system checkups by a STAATS Service Today professional. While our service plans are designed to help prolong the life of your furnace, our experienced technicians are always available for 24/7 emergency services if an unexpected issue arises.

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