Furnace Replacement Peoria IL

Furnace Replacement Peoria IL Trusts

Furnace Replacement Peoria IL

Whether you own a home or a business, Staats Service Today offers comprehensive furnace replacement Peoria IL locals can trust. Rest assured, our technicians are well trained in installation of the latest makes and models of furnace systems, large and small. We show up on time ready for work with the state of the art equipment and techniques to do an efficient job. You will appreciate our upfront, consistent and honest pricing – one of the ways in which we stand apart from the competition. Additionally, we offer 24-hour emergency service for your peace of mind. Established in 2008, Staats Service Today has become the #1 name in furnace installation. We service clients in Peoria and other surrounding locations. Consequently, we offer furnace replacement Peoria IL trusts.

Signs You Need a New Furnace

At some point, you will need to replace your furnace. But how will you know? Here are some signs of furnace failure:

Furnace Replacement Peoria IL

  • Your furnace is more than 15 years old. The life expectancy for most furnaces is about 18 years old at the very longest.
  • Heating bills are increasing. If you’re not using the heat more than usual, it could just mean your furnace is working much harder than it should to produce the same output.
  • Frequent repairs over the last two years. This is only costing you money. Invest in a new one and save cash.
  • Strange noises coming from the unit. This indicates failure of components or parts.
  • The burner flame is yellow instead of blue. This could signal the production of carbon monoxide, a deadly odorless gas.

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For quality furnace installation Peoria IL trusts, call Staats Service Today, based at 601 Main Street in Creve Coeur, IL. Please contact us at 309-694-9177 to schedule your furnace service, repair, replacement or maintenance project. Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about Staats, check out our 2011 article in the JournalStar.