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Dryer Repair Peoria IL Depends On

Your dryer or associated vents may need a repair due to repeated use, renovations or just the passage of time. You should always have a professional dryer vent technician replace or repair the components of your dryer system to ensure safe and efficient operation. For that, turn to Staats Service Today. Many things can contribute to a dryer fire, energy loss or carbon monoxide buildup. Those factors could be anything from incorrect joint connections to improper vent materials. As a result, serious complications can arise that require an immediate repair. Let our team provide a full diagnostic inspection to locate the source of your dryer vent problems and fix it. We have the dryer repair Peoria IL depends on.

Our Dryer Vent Repair Services

We provide a wide range of dryer vent repairs, using materials that comply with industry requirements. Here’s a look at what we do:

Dryer Repair Peoria IL

  • Replacement of foil or vinyl vents with rigid metal venting materials
  • Re-taping of joints with foil tape
  • Updating of vents for code compliance
  • Repairing of breaks in line
  • Removal of screws
  • Replacement of missing hangers
  • General maintenance and inspection
  • Parts replacement

If your dryer has stopped working or isn’t adequately drying your clothes, your dryer vent could be to blame. Many homeowners mistakenly think they need a whole new dryer when in fact it could just need a small repair. You may even just need a vent cleaning. This involves our technicians removing the dryer vent to clean out all the built-up lint with a special brush.

Choose us for dryer repair to boost energy efficiency and operation as well as reduce the risk for fire hazard.

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Staats Service Today is your top choice for dryer vent repair in Peoria IL. To schedule your repair job, please contact us at 309-694-9177. We are located at 601 Main Street in Creve Coeur, IL, servicing many surrounding locations.